Robertson For Senate Education Accredited Insurance Courses in Ontario

Accredited Insurance Courses in Ontario


A career in the rib course industry can be highly rewarding and exciting. With the right training, you can help protect people’s belongings, homes and families from life’s uncertainties. If you are interested in a career in this field, it’s important to choose an accredited program that matches your interests and career aspirations. These programs work closely with the industry to prepare a new generation of professionals, offering a variety of opportunities to become an insurance broker/agent, risk manager/analyst, underwriter or loss adjuster.

Full-time programs offer students a complete education in the insurance industry. They integrate business studies, including management, accounting and communications, with courses in insurance principles, underwriting and claims. Students also gain hands-on experience in the classroom and through internships, providing them with the skills to start a successful career in the industry.

Mastering Insurance: Essential Courses for Ontario Licensing

Online and part-time programs are a great option for those who want to study in their own time. They offer flexibility, which is ideal for those with busy schedules or other obligations. These programs typically include the necessary coursework to prepare for the RIBO exam and allow you to work at your own pace.

There are a wide range of courses available that can help you prepare for the RIBO exam and get licensed in Ontario. For example, PNC Learning offers a RIBO 1 course that will prepare you to sell home and auto insurance in Ontario. Alternatively, the RIBO equivalency course is a great option for those who already have their license in another province and need to take the OTL exam in order to be licensed in Ontario.

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