In vast, Republican-majority Senate District 4, two Democrats go head to head

Modesto Bee, Oct 17, 2022

In California Senate District 4, one of the most conservative in the state, two Democrats are facing off after six Republicans diluted the vote and were edged out in the June primary.

The district includes all of Stanislaus County and parts of 11 other counties south and east of here, ranging from Nevada County north of Lake Tahoe to Death Valley in Inyo County.

Tim Robertson is from Keyes and works in Modesto as executive director of the nonprofit North Valley Labor Federation, a six-county labor union partnership. He serves on several boards and committees, including the Keyes Community Services District and Stanislaus 2030, which he described as a collaboration among businesses, workers, elected officials, education leaders and community interests to explore and implement economic development strategies to grow the local economy.

Marie Alvarado-Gil lives in Jackson in Amador County. She is a school administrator and a commissioner on the state Advisory Commission on Special Education.

During a recent forum organized by the Modesto Bee Editorial Board, Alvarado-Gil described herself as an independent thinker whose motto is to “listen before I lead.”

A moderate Democratic with some right-leaning beliefs, Alvarado-Gil said, “I am running because our district needs courageous, principled leadership. I will champion policy to build a strong economy and I will stand up against aggressive government overreach in our homes and our communities.”

Alvarado-Gil said that means opposing taxes, addressing gas prices and inflation, securing the water supply, adding educational opportunities, attracting employers with livable wages and expanding internet connectivity in rural areas.

She said she has endorsements from Democrats and Republicans alike. “I have taken on this campaign not as a Democrat but as an opportunity to unite Senate District 4.”

Robertson said he has a long history of working in a bipartisan manner in this community.

“Housing and good jobs, job training and good, safe schools are all issues that don’t have a ‘D’ or an ‘R’ next to their name,” he said.

Improving the economic conditions of working families is Robertson’s top priority.

“We need to create better jobs, job training programs, and expand quality education,” he said. “We need access to healthcare, more secure retirement, and lower costs — especially for gas and housing.”

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